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Rates effective 1/1/2022, and Acquisition Notification

Kendall West Utility was recently acquired by SJWTX; dba Canyon Lake Water Service Company. You will start seeing these names and logos on communication.  Effective January 1 (and reflected on your February statement), you will see a decrease in your water rate after the recent True Up report was filed with the PUC.  This is related to pass through fees that can fluctuate up or down, and for this reporting period they were reduced by .35 per 1000 gallons. For additional information on that, and the recent acquisition notice, please click here.

You will be notified in advance for any changes to submitting your payments.  Currently there are no changes to that.  What you may notice soon when you call the office number, is that you will need to identify your account by service location and or county so that your call can be routed to the right department.  The staff will be working remotely, and the office is closed to outside traffic. 

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions!